May 2012 It’s Time to Actually Commit To Everything You Want

The theme for May 2012 can it be ‘s likely not exactly what you’re thinking…

Commitment is eliminating the rear doorway, the escape route and the words “if”, “maybe” and “when” from your vocabulary. Commitment is removing the stress and anxiety that accompanies ambivalence, doubt, consideration and “too much thinking”. Commitment is a natural segway of any bidding for power. A bid for electricity with no suitable commitment to launch it is not a serious bid for power.

If your bid for electricity is to quit smoking, you can’t qualify it using “if I find the ideal program” or “when I get more of a handle in my life” or even “possibly next week”. No, if you would like to stop smoking you stop at the moment. You make a commitment that goes along with your bidding for electricity. As soon as you commit a 100 percent, then the program or other service will appear and you will start to have a handle on your life.

It’s precisely the identical thing for relationships or work or health. If your bid for power is to produce a change in the direction that is best for you, then do it today without procrastination and without the capability to sneak out if it doesn’t work. The majority of the reason behind something not exercising is your lack of true commitment to it. All of you have made some bid for electricity last month, whether you’re aware of it or not. Here is the month where you commit to it or choose a new one you may commit to.

There are two types of Commitment: Commitment that is unconscious and manifested by your own activities rather than what you intend. And commitment that is consciously and deliberately planned for and chosen. The subconscious commitment is that the one which you may not be aware of but everyone else is by your actions around it.

A good example is a person who complains and complains about the essence of their relationship since it is not a good fit, and says they need something different, but ends up staying in precisely the same connection “until something much better comes along”. This is not a serious bid for electricity for a new relationship and surely not how spirit works. This illustration is showing an action the universe reads as a commitment and so won’t provide another “better connection ” to take its place while the action indicates a commitment to the current one. So this individual could think they’re bidding to modify their position but as long as they stay in the current relationship they’re not serious about the change. If you are genuinely committed to changing your connection dynamics you need to show you are serious by getting conscious about the ways you are showing commitment to the things you say that you don’t want.

Another instance could be the individual who says, I am on a diet, I intend to lose weight and really should not eat this piece of cake then proceeds to eat it anyway. Are they serious about their bid for electricity to lose weight? Where’s the commitment? Another example is the bid for power to get more fun and make more time for self. However, if the individual proceeds adding items that aren’t fun for their plate, they are showing by their actions that they are not truly committed to their purpose and guess what, spirit will always give you more of what you’re putting your energy into. This person might probably say, “I’ll make time when things slow down. ” This is not good enough for soul, since it is a conditional commitment and shows through actions that the actual commitment is something different than the spoken intention.

True devotion is unconditional, something we are not used to having or working with. Conditions create the “ifs”, “when’s”, and “maybes” in our vocabulary. Placing requirements on your bid for electricity waters down the commitment to it and is similar to putting just your big toe in the water once you actually intended to have a swim. Hesitancy, uncertainty, uncertainty, ambivalence, stress, anxiety, fear and mistrust, all take their toll on your ability to devote to something cleanly and clearly.

There are other ways that lifelong devotion manifests itself. If you become pregnant and decide you’re keeping the child, you’re committing to the relationship of being a parent. How many parents have there been that have never actually consciously committed to this huge bid for power? And how many interesting and karmic problems are being dealt with and untangled due to it.

Lots of you out there are still somewhat ambivalent about that one, and until you truly commit to being here, the spirit will not support you in the most effective way. You might say it wasn’t your choice to be here, your parents decided it for you and so on… That’s giving away your power and enabling Martyrdom to rule. The Martyrdom we have plaguing us this year is really supplying us with an chance to eliminate the inner victim by taking responsibility for our own lives and our bids for power, and committing to what we want through our activities as adults.
Look at your own life and see if you’re able to identify the commitments you end up in because of either taking action or not taking action. If you may ‘t good conscience pick them as aware commitments you have work to do. It’s OK to eliminate or alter the bids for electricity they represent so long as you convey this and are 100 percent committed to your withdrawing. If however you determine a devotion you were unconscious about but really wish to keep then knowingly devote to it 100 percent and you will find a big difference in how soul begins to support your choice and that bidding for power. Remember you don’t have to understand all the details of how things will manifest or what steps are going to show up. Your dedication is sufficient.

The chances this month:

Commitment, certainty, clarity, expansion, abundance, motion, symptom, direction, support, insight and satisfaction.

The above is an excerpt from the monthly forecast. The author of this comment, Lena Stevens, is the co-founder of an global school and consulting company dedicated to the study and program of shamanism and wisdom. Lena Stevens has co-authored novels with Jose Stevens, Ph.D., like Secrets of Shamanism:Tapping the Spirit Power Within You and has written widely about tips to boost personal energy.

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