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What’s Anxiety?

BASICALLY it’s our perception of individuals, places, things and events in our own lives. If we view things as a challenge, our own lives are more stressful and if we have a tendency to be upbeat and positive we conserve the?big? things for the stress button. Anxiety creates stress and enabling daily hassles to accumulate without getting them solved also creates stress.

Stress vs Distress

STRESS is good?.We need it to remain inspired, aroused, helps us to face challenges and to solve issues and also it keeps us awake.

STRESS is a really natural and import part of our lives, without it wouldn?t be no life in any way, however, we need to learn to follow our bodies, minds, and soul once we have changed from anxiety to distress.

Response and if our bodies tune into that, it is sending signals to our nervous system that it ought to act on quick notice, so the idea is to keep our own lives manageable? . .right, easy for me to say? J? . .so here I am going to return a bit to our thoughts?.stressful and damaging outlook/thoughts is if we put our bodies to overreact and overload, it is our thoughts and feelings that the we perceive and translate that effect the human body so, our ideas and feelings are very import elements in maintaining our stress level in the ?good? area and not let it get to the distress caliber.

SIGNS of anxiety are different for different Individuals Exactly like different people’s stress levels are distinct and things they view as anxiety are different, however the following symptoms are some of the ways you can tell if you are in anxiety and Provide you notice to do procedures to reduce it before it turns out to distress:

Feeling excessively tired
Trouble sleeping
A pounding heart
Stomach upset
sweating palms
Inability to concentrate

It’s important to be mindful what causes anxiety and things to do to help keep stress at a manageable speed so it doesn?t enter distress.

THOUGHT FOR DAY: ? Everything that happens is going you to live a bigger truth?

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