The Basics Of Japanese Massage

Over the years many different schools of massage have developed, each one displaying many different techniques to assist people relax, feel better, and stay healthier. At the same time, an interest in medical techniques and theories from Asia has grown in the USA. As a result of this, people are providing Japanese and Chinese massage techniques a try. Japanese massage comprises theories about pressure points and how energy flows throughout the body, and utilizes these ideas together with massage techniques in a doctrine of preventative medication.


Shiatsu might be among the most recent forms of massage, originating in the early 1900s and born from older techniques. While other massage techniques might use the forearms, elbows, as well as the feet to accomplish various healing and relaxing motions on a patient, Shiatsu massage involves techniques using just the fingers and the palm of the hand.

A skilled practitioner of Shiatsu massage cannot just relax someone, but can use his sense of touch to research a person’s body and find the points that need treatment the most. Like most Japanese massage and medical techniques, the theory behind Shiatsu massage is to help stimulate the body’s natural immune response and capacity to unwind as a way of preventative medicine.

Nihon Kaifuku Anma

Shiatsu is really a subset of a bigger range of Japanese massage techniques known as Nihon Kaifuku Anma. This form of massage came to Japan more than 1300 years ago and’d been practiced in China for years before this.

This Japanese massage college functions with deep tissue massage that is based on kneading motions. Unlike Western massage methods, this Japanese massage therapy is done without the use of massage oils to reduce friction. Two techniques are somewhat unique to Adam, and these comprise kneading the body and the use of percussive methods, which operate by gently striking areas of the human body.

The concept behind Anma massage is that the body’s energy flows along specific pathways, and stimulating certain areas will influence the workings of the body’s organs, resulting in greater overall health. The aim of Japanese massage is to help enhance how the body functions before problems show up, not after. This is a common feature in Western massage, if the techniques originated thousands of years back or merely one hundred decades ago. If you would like to try preventative medicine with a long history of success and several devotees, give Japanese massage a try.

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